Scripture Reflection: First Week of Lent 2016

“Seek the Lord while He may be found,
call Him while He is near.
Let the scoundrel forsake his way,
and the wicked man his thoughts;
Let him turn to the Lord for mercy;
to our God, who is generous in forgiving.” ~Isaiah 55:6-7

During this first week of Lent, let us resolve to turn away from sin and grow closer to God.

The first step is to carefully examine our lives to find out in what ways we have sinned. The second step is to be sorry for those sins and make a good Confession. (Click on this link for more information about the Holy Sacrament of Confession.)

The third step is to amend our lives through God’s grace. We must cooperate with God’s grace and make an effort not to sin. For example, we must avoid people, places and things which lead us to sin. Furthermore, when tempted to sin, we must pray for strength to resist temptation and not commit sin.

Let us strive with each day of Lent to grow in holiness!



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