Marian Apparition (Videos)


The Song of Bernadette is the story St. Bernadette Soubirous. She was a young peas­ant girl who had visions of the Blessed Vir­gin Mary in 1858 in Lour­des, France. Click below to watch her story:


In 1917, Our Lady of Fatima appeared in Por­tu­gal to three lit­tle chil­dren. She asked them to say the rosary daily and to pray often. Click below to watch “The Mir­a­cle of Our Lady of Fatima”:


Please click link below to watch:
Appari­tion of Our Lady of Guadalupe (part1)

Appari­tion of Our Lady of Guadalupe(part 2)

The Amaz­ing and Mirac­u­lous Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe — Part 2


Appari­tion of the Holy Vir­gin Mary in Zeitoun, Egypt

 St. Cather­ine Laboure and the Mirac­u­lous Medal

Click to watch:  The Mirac­u­lous Medal

Appari­tion of Our Lady at Pont­main France 1871 (1/5)

 Appari­tion of Our Lady at Pont­main France 1871 (2/5)
Appari­tion of Our Lady at Pont­main France 1871 (3/5)
Appari­tion of Our Lady at Pont­main France 1871 (4/5)
Appari­tion of Our Lady at Pont­main France 1871 (5/5)

Mar­ian Appari­tions in Beau­raing and Ban­neux, Belgium

Our Lady of Kibeho with Immac­ulee
My Jesus, Rwanda Kibeho Part.01
My Jesus, Rwanda Kibeho Part.02
My Jesus,Rwanda Kibeho Part. 03.- If Only We Had Lis­tened — The Prophecy of …
My Jesus,Rwanda Kibeho Part 04.-If Only We Had Lis­tened — The Prophecy of Kibeho
My Jesus,Rwanda Kibeho Part. 05.-If Only We Had Lis­tened — The Prophecy of …
My Jesus,Rwanda Kibeho Part. 06.- If Only We Had Lis­tened — The Prophecy of Kibeho
My Jesus,Rwanda Kibeho Part. 07.- If Only We Had Lis­tened — The Prophecy of …

Kiz­ito Mihigo — Kibeho — Yohani yarabyan­ditse (Writ­ten by John)

Rec­om­mended Read­ings: (avail­able at and eBay)
(1) Our Lady of Kibeho: Mary Speaks to the World from the Heart of Africa [Paper­back]
      (ISBN: 9781401923785)

(2) The Boy Who Met Jesus : Segatashya of Kibeho by Immac­ulée Iliba­g­iza and
       Steve Erwin (ISBN: 9781401935818)

Mar­ian Appari­tions and Miracles

The num­ber and fre­quency of Mar­ian appari­tions are alarm­ing. Mar­ian appari­tions are tak­ing place on every con­ti­nent around the world. They are too many to men­tion.  How­ever, the all seem to be say­ing the same thing. About Mar­ian apparitions:

The mes­sages are of peace, con­ver­sion, vir­tu­ous liv­ing, repen­tance, amend­ment of life, guide­lines for fol­low­ing the Gospel, sacra­men­tal liv­ing, prayer and purifi­ca­tion. The appari­tions are hap­pen­ing all over the world. There are sim­ply too many men­tion.” (p.17)

Pope John Paul II wrote in his 1987 encycli­cal Redemp­toris Mater that Mar­ian appari­tions sig­nify the Blessed Virgin’s jour­ney through time and space in a pil­grim­age toward the Sec­ond Com­ing of Jesus and her final vic­tory over Satan. This is her role now as it has been pre­des­tined from the begin­ning.” (p.18)

The Mar­ian Move­ment of Priests mes­sage of Octo­ber 30, 1975, spoke of Mary’s tears being shed in many places to the point of blood. We have been told the sig­nif­i­cance of tears of blood: they point to the fact that the chas­tise­ment is near.” (p. 18)

In 1950, renowned Catholic church­man Arch­bishop Ful­ton J. Sheen wrote: “We are liv­ing in the Days of the Apoc­a­lypse – the last days of our era….. The two great forces of the Mys­ti­cal Body of Christ and the Mys­ti­cal Body of the Antichrist are begin­ning to draw up their bat­tle lines for the cat­a­strophic con­test. Mary’s plan, plain and sim­ple, is to pre­pare us for the times ahead.” (p.20)

In his writ­ings, Saint Louis de Mont­fort (1673 – 1716) shared his con­vic­tions “that a Reign of the Blessed Vir­gin would pre­cede a Reign of the Lord Jesus. Just as Mary pre­ceded the first com­ing of Jesus on earth, so too the Trin­ity has ordained that she would pre­cede Christ’s Sec­ond Com­ing.” (p. 20)

On Decem­ber 8, 1990, the Blessed Vir­gin Mary said to Father Gobbi: “I was dri­ven by the Most Holy Trin­ity to become the Mother of the Sec­ond Advent, and thus my moth­erly task of prepar­ing the Church and all human­ity to receive Jesus, who is return­ing to you in glory” (p. 20)

Vir­gin Mary Appears to +500,000 peo­ple
(Vir­gin Mary Appari­tion at Zeitun, Egypt)

 Mar­ian Appari­tion Sites

Below is a list of Mar­ian appari­tion sites around the world that we know about. There are many, many more sites not mentioned. 

Year        Place Person(s)
1531 Guadalupe,Mexico Juan Diego
1531 Guadalupe, Mex­ico Juan Diego
1634 Quito, Ecuador Mother Mar­i­ana de Jesus Torres
1830 Rue de Bac, Paris Cather­ine Laboure
1846 LaSalette, France Melanie Cal­vat and Max­imin Guiraud
1858 Lour­des, France Bernadette Soubirous
1871  Pont­main, France Eugene and Joseph Barbadette
1879 Knock, Ire­land  Fif­teen People
1904 Poland  Father Max­i­m­il­ian Kolbe
1914 Hrushiv Sev­eral People
1917 Fatima, Por­tu­gal Lucia, Francesco, and Jac­inta    (children)
1932 Beuraing,Belgium Voisin and Dege­im­bre (children)
  Ban­neux, Belgium Mari­ette Beco
1937  Poland Sis­ter Faustina
1938 Bel­gium Bertha Petit
1940s Hun­gary Sis­ter Marie Natalia
1945 Zagreb,Yugoslavia Julka
1945 Holland,Amsterdam Ida Per­le­man
1947 Marienfried,Germany Bar­bara Reuss
1947 Mon­tichiari, Italy Pie­rina Gilli
1947 Tre Fontane, Italy Bruno Comac­chi­ola
1951 Poland Bar­bara Klosowna
1953 Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico  Three Children
1954 Seredne, Ukraine  Anna/Hanya
1954 Fos­to­ria, Ohio  Sis­ter Mil­dred Mary
1954 Cal­abria, Italy  Mother Elena Aiello
1954 Windy Gap, N. Ireland  Sea­mus Quail
1958 Tur­zovka, Czechoslovakia  Matous Losuta
1961 Gara­ban­dal, Spain  Four Children
1962 Skiemonys, Lithua­nia  
1963 Viet­nam  Rosa Maria
1964 San Dami­ano, Italy  Mama Rosa Quattrini
1965 Bel­gium  Maguerite
1966 Porto San Ste­fano, Italy  Enzo Alocci
1968 Italy  Mama Carmela Carabelli
1968 Zeitoun, Egypt Hun­dreds of thousands


Mar­ian Appari­tions Since 1970    
1972 — Milan, Italy: Father Ste­fano Gobbi
1972 — Dozule, France: Madaleine
1973 — Akita, Japan: Sis­ter Agnes Sasagawa
1974– Binh Loi, Viet­nam: Stephen Ho-Ngoc-Anh
1974– Canada: Brother Joseph Fran­cis
1974– Rome, Italy: Mother Elena Patri­arca Leonardi
1976– Beta­nia, Venezuela: Maria Esper­anza and Others


Mar­ian Appari­tions Since 1980

1980 Cuapa, Nicaragua Bernado Mar­tinez
1980 El Esco­r­ial, Spain Amparo Cuevas
1980 Tai­wan Five Peo­ple
1981 Kibeho/Rwanda, Africa Seven Chil­dren
1981 Med­ju­gorje, Yugoslavia Six Chil­dren
1982 Eisen­berg, Austria Aloisa Lex
1982 Dam­as­cus, Syria Mirna Naz­zour
1983 Pen­ablanca, Chile Miguel Angel Poblete
1983 San Nico­las, Argentina Gladys Quiroga de Motta
1985 Melleray Grotto, Ireland Sev­eral People
1985 Ballin­spit­tle, Ireland  
1985 Switzer­land Vas­sula Ryden
1985 Sur­rey, England Patri­cia
1985 Oliveto Citra, Italy Sev­eral Children
1985 Inchigeela, Ire­land Three Chil­dren
1985 Naju, Korea Julia Kim
1986 Shoubra, Egypt Thou­sands
1986 Manilla, Phillip­ines Sol­diers
1987 Bess­brook, North­ern Ireland Beu­lah Lynch and Mark Treanor
1987 Hrushiv, Ukraine Marina Kizyn
1987 May­field, Ireland Sally Ann and Judy Considine
1987 Cony­ers, Georgia Nancy Fowler
1987 Cuenca, Ecuador Patri­cia Talbot
1987 Gru­shevo, Ukraine Thou­sands
1988 Cort­nadreha, Ireland Christina Gal­lagher
1988 Scotts­dale, Arizona Sev­eral People
1988 Phoenix, Ari­zona Estela Ruiz
1988 Lub­bock, Texas Three Adults
1989 Canada Jim Singer
1989 Marl­boro, New Jersey Joseph Januszkiewicz
1989 Ket­tle River, Minnesota Steve Marino
1990 Canada Josyp Terelya
1990 Den­ver, Colorado Theresa Lopez
1990 Litmanova,Czechoslovakia Two Chil­dren
1990 Mel­bourne, Australia Josefina-Maria
1991 Mozul, Iraq Dina

Source: Flynn, Ted and Mau­reen. The Thun­der of Jus­tice: The Warn­ing, The Mir­a­cle, The Chas­tise­ment. The Era of Peace pub­lished by MaxKol Com­mu­ni­ca­tions, Inc. 1993

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